HNP Episode 29 - Blue M&Ms & The Assassination of Jason David Frank

May 29, 2017

Episode_29.jpgOn this strange episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, through an odd rabbit hole tangent we came across the fact that the day we were recording happened to be the 19th anniversary of comedian Phil Hatman's death. We are still feeling the hurt from this one and we spend the first segment thinking back at what an amazing comedic genius he was and then discuss the odd rumor that Andy Dick somehow played a part in his famous murder. After the break things get even more wierd as we cover the apparent assassination attemp of legendary Power Rangers veteran Jason David Frank at the Pheonix Comic Con a few days ago. This leads into a semi seroius discussion about the security at these conventions and how this event might change how these cons are run in the future. We end the show with a "Caleb's Comicbook Rant of the Week". He just can't get onboard these comic book movies and TV shows. We can only hope Aquaman is a cinematic masterpiece so then maybe he can be swayed back toward the light.



M&M Voice Actors Revealed

Phil Hartman Was Ehe Blue M&M....Mind Blown

RIP Phil Hartman

Andy Dick Is........Well A Dick

The Assassination Attemp On JDF

Convention Security In The Future

The Many Guests Of The Famous Monster Convention In Dallas

Caleb Hates The Marvel Netflix Universe....Except DareDevil....What Else Is New?

Son Of Satan And The God Squad!!!

Caleb's Weekly DC Comics Rant....Geez This Is Getting Old


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HNP Episode 27 - Lego Land & The Search For Lego Vader

May 23, 2017

On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb describes his family trip to the awesome Lego Land!! The trip started out innocent enough, but soon deevolved into a frantic search and a mad dash to find and get the perfect family photo with the giant Lego Darth Vader. Did he succeed? Was it worth it? Was he able to achieved the Ultimate Lego Star Wars glory? Spoiler Alert.....

Image may contain: 1 person, standing



Caleb Used To Be A Sleazy Time Share Salesman

Lego Land Is Awesome!!!

The Hunt For Lego Vader

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 02 Mini Review (Minor Spoilers)

We Finally Get To Discuss Suicide Squad

Thanos And The Infinity Stones



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HNP Episode 26 - Holy Wutchi Hatchi, Dingle Bangles, & Wawas

May 19, 2017

In this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb gives the low down on his new "favorite beach spot" location he took his family to recently. This place literally had it all; warm white sands, crystal clear water, and all the garbage and riff raff anyone could ever want or need. 

Next trip coming down the Caleb family pipeline? Star Wars Day at Lego Land!!! His kids have never been and he's only been once as a VIP when the park first opened, so he decided to take them soon and experience first hand the "Biggest Lego Themed Star Wars Party on Earth!"

Next up in our "random tangent of the week", we talk about gas station convenience stores for some reason and the weird named ones Caleb has out in this area. I mean "Wawas" are you kidding me? What kind of name is that? Who comes up with these things?

After the break we discuss how the loss of Carrie Fisher will inevitably affect Episode 9 as it was revealed that the upcoming Episode 8 (The Last Jedi) will be her last appearance. We go over the many possible scenarios on how they could end her story in a classy way and none of them feel right to us. We definitley do not envy that group of writers.

Finaly for the last hour of the show we go over a myriad of "news" topics. From Josh Brolin being cast as the time traveling mutant Cable, to DC's new steaming service being announced. It was a busy show indeed.



Wutchi Hatchi Island

Caleb's VIP Lego Land Experience

Lego Land VS Disney World......No Contest

Future Lego Land Visit With His Whole Family

Wawas? WTF Is That?

Princess Leia, How Does One Say Goodbye?

Was Josh Brolin The Right Choice For Deadpool's Cable?

NBC's Powerless Was Canceled.....Who Cares

Fox's Gotham Final S3 episodes......Batman is that you?

DC's New Upcoming Streaming Service

Animated Cybrog VS Live Action Cyborg......No Contest


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HNP Episode 25 - Eddie Medina and Celebrating Star Wars

April 29, 2017

On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we have yet another guest here in our digital studio (I know, crazy right). We have incredible artist and cohost of the Rantcore Pit Podcast, Eddie Medina. He has come this week to share with us in our love for a little 1970's movie called "Star Wars".

Caleb recently attened to huge "Star Wars Celebration" convention in Orlando this year and he was chomping at the bit to tell Eddie and I about it. With all the droids, ships, sith, troopers, Legos, lightsabers, and celebrities, Caleb was thrown into a Star Wars fan frenzy!!!

Come listen as Caleb tells his tales from a long time ago(4/15/17), in galaxy far, far away(Orlando) of his time at Star Wars Celebration!!!


You can hear more of Eddie Medina on his own podcast "The Rantcore Pit" and "Hey Kids Comics" at


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Rantcore Pit Instagram



Eddie Medina

Funny Con Stories

Star Wars Celebration

Thoughts on The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

Spiderman and Stan Lee Tangent

Voice mail from TweetBot36

More Star Wars Celebration


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HNP Episode 24 - Robot Friday & The Green Apple Nasties!

April 26, 2017

On this super exciting episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we have joining us in our digital studio, our first guest, Thomas Clemmons. Thomas is the amazing artist of the web comic Robot Friday. Come listen as Thomas shares his stories with us about life as an indusrty artist who truly loves what he does. We would like to thank him again for joining us on our shitty little podcast.

Speaking of shitty, after the break Caleb gives us the "down and dirty" scoop of how he almost missed the "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Live Show". He was really hyped up for it and his excitment was almost EXPOLSIVE!!! Did he make it to the show or was he a real party POOPER? Did he make it to his chair on time or did he miss out and LOSE HIS STOOL to someone else? This certainly gives my awful stories a RUN for their money. Some times he just thinks he is too hot to TROT. Ok I'm done.





Thomas Clemmons & Robot Friday

Caleb's CRAPPY Comedy Show experience



Visit Thomas' website and read his funny web comic at


Or on social media






HNP Episode 23 - Billy West, Where Are You?!

April 6, 2017

Anxiety levels are high on episode 23 of the Holy Nerdy Podcast. In this episode, Chris details his trip to The Dallas Fan Expo last weekend. How was his experience and did he succeed in his quest to meet legendary voice actor Billy West? Plus at the end of the episode we conclude our Twitter contest and pick a winner who will receive a Flash Rebirth Volume 1 Graphic Novel.



The Audio Issues Never Seem To Stop

Dallas Fan Expo

The Billy West Fan Experience

Comic Con Woes

More Comic Con Woes

Even More Comic Con Woes

Did We Mention Chris Hated This Comic Con?

Twitter Contest Winner Announced!!!



HNP Episode 22 - Nigri PLEASE!!!

March 27, 2017

This week on The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we cover the upcoming comic cons and festivals coming up in both our neck of the woods. Caleb is going to the Star Wars Celebration in Florida and I'll be going to Dallas Fan Expo in Texas.

Discussions then shift to the the beautiful Jessica Nigri, the world famous cosplayer/Youtube star who will be a guest at the Dallas Fan Expo. She posted a video where she asked her fans, "What would you rather have, robot arms or robot legs. Caleb and I hilariously mull it over and came up with the only "correct" answer.



Twitter Contest Final Reminder

Caleb gets his hands on Star Wars Celebration tickets!!

Chris is going to Dallas Fan Expo!!

Caleb hates Funko Pop! Figures

Past Con celebrity experiences

Voicemail from TweetBot36

Jason David Frank is a sellout

Nessica Nigri is so damn hot!!

Robot Arms or Robot Legs = Dick or No Dick

Caleb wins the lottery jackpot..........$100

The New Power Rangers are so diverse!!

WTF They've always been diverse!!

Excitement for the new movie








HNP Episode 21 - The Great DuckTales Childhood Massacre of 2017

March 6, 2017

On episode 21 of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we discuss not watching the Logan movie on account of we are lazy bastards. We talk about our very awsome and funny appearance as guests on "The Rantcore Pit" podcast hosted by our new friends Cole and Eddie. On that episode we joked about wookies and had a great time. Discussion then shifts to how the new DuckTails reboot effectivley kidnapped and cold bloodedly murdered my inner child. Finally we talk about how the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie pissed away a truckload of Disney money because he's an idiot. Not that he needed it anyway.

Facebook Page

Twitter account

Instagram Account


Our Twitter contest is overrun with suicidal Twitter bots

The Logan movie we didn't see

Our wookie themed "Rantcore Pit" appearance 

Caleb's insanely vague spur of the moment contest announcment

The disastrously bad DuckTales reboot trailer killing Chris' childhood and his quest to reclaim it.

Chris unsuccessful attempt to get his girlfriend to watch Batman TAS

Semi review of Justice League Dark and how Etrigan should join the CW Berlanti-verse

Jack-ing it like we used to!!

Pewdiepie is an antisemetic douchebag idiot with no Disney money in his wallet.



HNP Episode 20 - Its a Great Day To Be Alive!

March 1, 2017

Its a great day to be alive on this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast as we discuss watching Gremlins with kids, Twitter stuffage including our Twitter Prize contest, MORE 90s Nickelodeon talk! The Red Ranger is a psycho killer,  DC Cinmatic Universe' new whipping boy, and the newly announced Nightwing movie but seriously WTF!? AND so much more!  MAN we appreciate the downloads and it's amazing how you guys are just showing up and giving us support! Be sure to like our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and go get in on our Twitter contest!!! It's getting crazy get those Funko Pops and get those comics!!! 

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Instagram Account


Caleb watching Gremlins with his 5 year old for the first time (So many cigarettes!)

Chris' new Twitter addiction

Kenean and Kel still holds up

The Red Ranger is a psycho killer 

Our CW Twitter Contest

We despise our Robot listeners 

Matte Reeves DC Comics Cinematic Universe' new whipping boy (eat those peppers!)

The new Nightwing Live action movie WTF


HNP Episode 19 - Holy Navedo In The Morning

February 28, 2017

On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we discuss Caleb's "awesome" Valentine's Day gift, Andrea Navedo jokingly taking over our show, the horrible decisions going on behind the scenes at WB and DC, and finally we wrap it up with Caleb's in depth Spoiler heavy review of Lego Batman.



Caleb's Valentine's Day Gift

Twitter Contest Idea

Andrea Navedo Taking Over The Show and Us Becoming Her Sidekicks

Mel Gibson Directing Suicide Squad Rumor

Ben Affleck Stepping Down As Batman Rumor

Caleb's Lego Batman Review (Spoilers!)