HNP Episode 38 - DomiYES, DomiNO, DomiHELLNO!!!

August 9, 2017


On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast can you believe we are still talking about Comic Con? Yeah, the same Comic Con that ended amost three weeks ago. There is just so much to discuss for just one or two episodes. So here is our third and final Comic Con discussion episode. But Not Before we get into the dotless, not so white elephant in the room. Yes we are talking about the recently released first look at the character of Domino from the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. We were surprised and disappointed(to say the least) when we saw these images. The first Deadpool movie did such a great job at giving us "comic accurate" versions of Deadpool and especially Collosus. We were expecting them to knock it out of the park with Domino. To say we were underwelmed would be a enormous understatment. Come listen to our long rant as we discuss why we feel the filmakers are making a huge mistake with the beloved female character.

After the break we get back into more Comic Con news as Caleb reads me a list of things "you may not have heard from Comic Con." We dont get far though because into the first off the list, we get derailled and go off on a tangent. (A similar topic tangent, but a tangent none the less.) Finally we finish up the list and the episode.



There Is A "Little" Hidden Secret In The Frames Of The Beloved Animated Movie "Fievel Goes West"

Why We Had To "Temporarily" Remove Episode 28 And 37. They Will Be Return, Trust Us.

New Intro Talk

Chef Salty Biscuits Teches Us Some Words That Sound Dirty, But Really Arent

Salty Biscuits Still Hates Aquaman

Domino............That's Not Real.............It Is?...............Really?..............WTF!!!

Nickelodeon Has A Subscription Box That Centers Around Nicktoons!!

What Classifies As A "Nicktoon"...........In Our Eyes

A Brief Rundown of Every Toon That Nickelodeon Classifies As "Nicktoons"

Chris Hardwick....This Is Your Life!!

Exclusive Comic Book Sales From Comic Con

Aliens And Predators Are Still Activley In The Same Film Universe

Want Some Candy?!

Conterfeit Hall H Wristbands And How To Get Into Cons For Free

Stupid "Line Sheep" At Cons


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HNP Episode 37 - Twitter Kombat Round 2 or the Comic Con Cognizance

August 6, 2017


[EDIT] As some of you may have noticed, this episode was originally released on 8/02/17, but was taken by us because of a complaint about the topic we were discussing. We have since re edited the episode and "bleeped" out all names, places, websites, and twitter handles of those discussed as best we could to try and keep the integrity of the show intact for all of our listeners. It may make the story a bit hard to follow, but what can you do, right?   -Chris

On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, it's Round 2 of our Twitter Komat session. This time it's my turn to step in the virtual ring as a disgruntled husband of (REDACTED) who we had on as a guest a couple of months ago came out of the woodwork unexpectedly and tried to start some shit with us and another podcast she was a guest on as well. Him and I fought back and fourth for many hours. Blood was shed, our eyes had to be cut open, and our faces were swollen. Though when all was said and done (and believe me, a lot was said) it was your's truly who stood before his fallen adversary, arms raised high, teary eyed, as I let fouth a thunderous "ADRIAN!!" Seriously though, some guy wanted to start something and I had to put him back in his place and show others what a fat old douche he was. Come listen, you wont be disappointed. After the break, Caleb and I dicuss all the comic con reveals, trailers, news, and other happenings that we didn't get to cover in the last episode. What did we think of the Justice League, and Thor Ragnarok trailers? What other news has us squealing like little nerdy school girls? Listen to our discussion to find out.



Twitter War Round 2!!!

Real Life VS Ren And Stimpy

Young Justice Season 3 Comic Con Reveal

Justice League "Moustache-Gate"

Justice League Comic Con Trailer Reaction

DC Didn't Know Wonder Woman's Potential

Thor Ragnarok Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Michelle Pfeiffer Joins Ant-Man And The Wasp Cast

Ben Affleck Addresses "Quitting Batman" Rumours

How They Could Replace Batfleck

DC's Upcoming Film Slate

Captain Marvel Has Skrulls Up Her Wazoo!!!

Infinity War Talk

Stephen Amell Is A Great F*cking Guy!!!

We Are Getting Stickers!!!


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August 4, 2017


You may or may not have noticed that episode 28 and 37 have recently been taken down. This was due to us getting a complaint about the material that we discussed. Fear not though, because those episodes will be edited to remove any mention of names/websites/twitter handles and be re uploaded again. We are sorry for the hurt it may have caused the person involved, but the show must and will go on.


HNP Episode 36 - Friday Night Twitter Fights or The Super Mario Woo-Off

July 26, 2017


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb gets into a Twitter war (as he tend to do) with a couple of random guys fighting over something trivial and uses the first segment to vent and tell me all about it. Next we touched upon some slight Comic Con stuffage including the newest trailer for WB's Justice League. Caleb was still in a firey tizzy at this point, so he let's the superhero team up movie have it and good. We dont spend too much time on Comic Con though as we plan to spend the majority of next week's episode dicussing most of the major news stories that broke during the con. 

After the break we suffer a laughing fit during a clip of a "Woo-Off" between the great Rick Flair and some other wrester. The obsurdity of it all was off the charts!! Finally after we somewhat regain our composure, I give my Top 5 "Movies that I Love That The Majoirty of Audiences Hate". Caleb and I have some pretty strong feelings over most of my picks and dicuss those with a passion never before seen by likes of mortal men. Afterwards we go over the top picks in this category as picked by our listeners who participated in our social media poll. WOO!!!



Caleb Loves To Get Into Fights On Twitter

Goku's Japanese Voice Actor Controversy

Justice League Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Caleb's Plan To Protest The Opening Of Justice League

Rick Flair's Hilariously Absurd Woo-Off!!

Chris' Top 5 "Movies I Love That Others Hate"

Social Media Honorable Mentions


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HNP Episode 35 - Web Slinging For The Soul, or Can A Brother Get A Good Reboot?

July 19, 2017



In this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, I give my impressions after seeing Spider-Man Homecoming. Was i truely the "Coming Home" of the Marvel's crown jewel character that we have been eagerly waiting for? Has Ol' Web Head finally climbed his webs and escaped the pit of mediocrity he's been stuck in for over a decade? You will just have to listen for our answer.

On the subject of Spider-Man's new reboot, after the break, Caleb and I sit down for a long discussion and give our TOP 5 list of movies we would like to see be given a good reboot. We get to revisit some of the "classics" from our childhood and talk about them in depth and what we would change for the reboot. So sit back with your large popcorn and sugary beverage, cause its a long but good one.



The Constant Rain In Caleb's Neck Of The Woods

Noah's Arc Inexplicably Comes Up For Some Reason

Chris' Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Chris And Caleb's Top 5 Movies That Need A Good Reboot


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HNP Episode 34 - A Couple Of Damn Nerds or How NOT To Day Drink

July 15, 2017



On this extra nerdy episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we finish up our discussion from the previous episode regarding the doom ridden Han Solo movie. I'm sorry, but we just cant get behind this movie at all. The conversation then switches to what Caleb thought of the first "real" story arc of Dragon Ball Super.(I told you....extra nerdy) 

After the break, (and a couple of days later) we come back and discuss what we did over the Fourth of July break with our families. Caleb, (bless his heart) just cant stop day drinking and it keep coming back to haunt him (At other people's houses). When will he ever learn? (Probably never!)

Finally we talk about those ungrateful podcasting bastards who complain that they feel they aren't growing enough with their paltry 1500 downloads a month. 1500 DOWNLOADS A MONTH!!! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!!! I would gladly take the place of Caleb's toilet after a long day of day drinking for those kind of numbers!!



The Han Solo Movie (Hard Face Palm)

Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 VS 7 Discussion

4th Of July Activities (Some Of Them Were Messier Than Others!)

Ungrateful Successful Podcasters Make Us Sick


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HNP Episode 33 - Diarrhea Rainbows or The Day We Lost Johnny

July 4, 2017


On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we had to do things a little differently than normal. Apparently Caleb started "Day Drinking" at 3:00pm and didnt stop until we recorded at 10:30pm. Needless to say he was a little drunk, but tried to power through it anyways. What resulted wasn't our best hour of podcasting, full of unnecessary swears with a dash of chauvinistic grade school humour (more so than usual) that frankly we were ashamed of and decided to re-record the first segment at a later date.

With that out of the way, our new first segment deals with the "colorful" aftermath and consequences of Caleb's day drinking. Karma is a bitch and it came back to haunt Caleb in a really bad way the next day. 

After the break it's my turn to play "This Is Your Life" as Caleb had on the previous episode. I recount my high school years and beyond while Caleb listens with child-like wonder. My high school career was definitely a wierd one, but it eventually led to me dominating the 3D Program at the Art Institute of Dallas, and eventually getting my "cushy" job that I've been at for over a decade.

Our final segment was unfortunatley cut short do to technical diffulties and Caleb essentially passing out drunk afterwards. So we decided to finish up the final news topic on our next episode. What we were able to talk about though was the long awaited bluray release of Batman Mask of the Phantasm, the 25th anniversary of Batman Returns, and about half of our discussion of the shenanigans on the set of the new Han Solo movie.



The Downside To Day Drinking

RIP Johnny, We Will Remember You Fondly

Chris' High School Daze

Chris' College Daze

Chris' Corporate Daze

My First "Big Boy" Paycheck Blew My Mind!!!

Caleb's Hairy Nair Experience

Batman Mask Of The Phantasm Is Finally Getting A Bluray Release!!!

Batman Returns Turns 25

The Han Solo Movie Is In Deep Doodoo!!!


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HNP Episode 32 - The Pampa Music Venue or That One Time Caleb Was Actually Cool

June 24, 2017


On this nostalgic episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we take a stroll down memory lane as we look back at what use to make us laugh as kids. Usually it was something pretty stupid, but most of it still holds up today. Strangely this leads us down a past were we discuss the "Mandela Effect", a strange occurance where what you remember about something sometimes turns out not to be true. I swear to God C3P0 never had a silver leg before!!

After the break Caleb continues with his nostalgic look back at the one time he opened a music venue in our hometown and crazilly enough actually got some big name bands to headline his shows!! I wish I could have been there with him at the time to experience it myself, but the way he describes his time as a small town Punk Rock/Metal music "mogul", I feel like I was actually there. Unfortunaley it didnt have a happy ending and it all came crashing down before his eyes. fortunately though he was able to walk away from it and start his life on a new path filled with new friends, family, and best of all podcasting this show!!



Caleb's Father's Day Food Binge

The Dumbest Stuff Used To Make Us Laugh As Kids (Most Of It Still Does!)

The Mandela Effect

Sinbad Was The Best

Caleb Wants To Play With The Other Podcasters

The Russ Martin Radio Show

That Ace Ventura 2 "Rhino" Scene Though. (See, We Laugh At The Dumbest Shit!)

Caleb Owned A Music Venue at 17 Year Old!!

The Good And The Bad That Came Along With Owning A Music Venue At 17 Years Old


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HNP Episode 31 - The Tale of the Two Headed Cow Ghost!!!

June 20, 2017


In this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, I kick off the show by giving my spoiler (lite) review of Wonder Woman. We have been ragging on DC for a while now for their odd inability to craft a decent movie latley. Does this one finally break the mold and rise to greatness, or is it another peice of trash to be thrown into the burning DCU wastebasket?

After the break Caleb tells the spooky story of his near fatal encounter with a legendary spectral bovine and other supernatural encounters from his youth. Submitted for your approval of the Midnight Society we call the story...... "The Tale of the Two Headed Cow Ghost"

Finally on a sad note we lost the great Adam West this past week. Mr. West had a profound influence on our childhoods and essintially introduced us to the concept of "Superheroes", a topic which still dominates so much of our lives to this day. We talk about the times we were lucky enough to meet both Adam West and Burt Ward, and how their campy little show about two men in colorful spandex suits fighting crime molded us into the nerdy men we are today. We will miss you dearly Batman.



Chris' Wonder Woman Review

The Tale Of The Cow Ghost!!

The Errie Back Room Of The Music Venue

The Basket Ball From Hell!!

Adam West And Batman '66 Tribute


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HNP Episode 30 - Ms. Austin & Her Gift That Keeps On Giving

June 13, 2017
On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast Caleb tells me how getting a cold sore nearly ruined his first ever trip to Disney World with this family. But
once he Campho Pheniqued that Herpes back to Hell where it came from, he was good to go and had great time. After that we delve into the amazing
Star Wars Rebels animated series. Caleb recently finished binging the series and he can't hold it in any longer. How can you be a fan and not watch
these shows religiously? Especially when they are this well-made? Finally we discuss whether or not we believe there is a "Grand Bible" that the
filmmakers at Disney have when it comes to these new Star Wars flicks or are they just making it all up as they go along from movie to movie.

Topics Caleb's Cold Sores (Eewwh Gross!!) Campho Phinique To The Rescue!! Caleb Was Nailing The Art Teacher Ms. Austin In Middle School (What A Faggot!!) Disney World, A World Of Pure Imagination The Lilo And Stitch Ride Fast Pass Is The Way To Go Star Wars Rebels Is The Shit!! The Star Wars Directors Are Making It Up As They Go Along (WTF!!) The Lego Star Wars Shows Do It Better