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HNP Episode 25 - Eddie Medina and Celebrating Star Wars

HNP Episode 25 - Eddie Medina and Celebrating Star Wars

April 29, 2017

On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we have yet another guest here in our digital studio (I know, crazy right). We have incredible artist and cohost of the Rantcore Pit Podcast, Eddie Medina. He has come this week to share with us in our love for a little 1970's movie called "Star Wars".

Caleb recently attened to huge "Star Wars Celebration" convention in Orlando this year and he was chomping at the bit to tell Eddie and I about it. With all the droids, ships, sith, troopers, Legos, lightsabers, and celebrities, Caleb was thrown into a Star Wars fan frenzy!!!

Come listen as Caleb tells his tales from a long time ago(4/15/17), in galaxy far, far away(Orlando) of his time at Star Wars Celebration!!!


You can hear more of Eddie Medina on his own podcast "The Rantcore Pit" and "Hey Kids Comics" at https://jedicole.podbean.com/


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Eddie Medina

Funny Con Stories

Star Wars Celebration

Thoughts on The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

Spiderman and Stan Lee Tangent

Voice mail from TweetBot36

More Star Wars Celebration


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HNP Episode 24 - Robot Friday & The Green Apple Nasties!

HNP Episode 24 - Robot Friday & The Green Apple Nasties!

April 26, 2017

On this super exciting episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we have joining us in our digital studio, our first guest, Thomas Clemmons. Thomas is the amazing artist of the web comic Robot Friday. Come listen as Thomas shares his stories with us about life as an indusrty artist who truly loves what he does. We would like to thank him again for joining us on our shitty little podcast.

Speaking of shitty, after the break Caleb gives us the "down and dirty" scoop of how he almost missed the "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Live Show". He was really hyped up for it and his excitment was almost EXPOLSIVE!!! Did he make it to the show or was he a real party POOPER? Did he make it to his chair on time or did he miss out and LOSE HIS STOOL to someone else? This certainly gives my awful stories a RUN for their money. Some times he just thinks he is too hot to TROT. Ok I'm done.





Thomas Clemmons & Robot Friday

Caleb's CRAPPY Comedy Show experience



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