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HNP Episode 118 - Rock’n The Con Dragon At Kamehacon 2019!!

April 24, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, KamehaCon, Texas’ Premiere Dragon Ball themed convention, has come and gone and I’m here to talk all about it. Before we get into that though, we chat a bit about something Caleb did recently... Something bad... The biggest “nerd no-no” he could of committed right now. He watched a leaked version of Avengers: Infinity War. Rest assured though, no spoilers were given. Back to KamehaCon, I’m here to review the Con if you will. Was it better than year 1? Was there any drama with guest Vic Mignogna? Did it even have the same “electricity” even though Caleb wasn’t there this year?




Caleb Did A Bad Thing......

KamehaCon 2019

The Red Carpet Event With The Voice Actors

Monica Rial / Vic Mignogna Drama

A Lot Of Cash Was Exchanged

A Special Message From "OG" Piccolo, Scott McNeil

Meeting Professional Cosplayer Missy Mayhem

Needless To Say, It was An Awkward Encounter

KamehaCon 2019 Review

Did It Have The Same Electricity As Year 1?

I'm Kind Of Over Conventions At This Point In My Life

A Fan Voicemail Message


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