Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 125 - Having Fun…But Not To Much Fun

June 12, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, while discussing a tragic event that happened last weekend in Dallas, an interesting thought came to mind, “What kinds of activities does Heaven allow you to partake in?” We’ve all have an image of what Heaven is in our minds, but would there be “rules” that you would have to abide by? Don’t expect a philosophical or enlightened discussion though (you know us), but one filled with humor and profanity. After that Caleb tells a heartbreaking story from his youth involving a crushed rose and a crushed heart. Finally we totally drool over the E3 trailer for “Final Fantasy VII: Remake” video game.




Tragedy In Dallas

We Are Going To Hell

What Heaven Would Really Be Like

Could You Have Fun?

"Heaven Is Like A Cruise Ship"

Horror Movies, Ice Creme, And Your Dick

*Still Believes In Jesus

Joe Rogan Is One Smart MothaF*cker

Humpday Holidays

"National Red Rose Day"

Young Love And Traumatic Memories

E3 Stuff

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Looks Amazing

The New Avengers Game.....Not So Much


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