Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 126 - Seeing Red

June 19, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, the theme of this episode is the color red and we start off the episode with a rant about the “dum dum firemen” and “fat cops” in Caleb’s small town and how he is surprised how the town doesn’t burn to the ground in anarchy with this caliber of servicemen at the helm. After that we give our “Top 5 Favorite Red Things”. There are a ton of great red colored things out there and we had to narrow it down to 5. From rediscovering a fiery love from my high school days, to Caleb getting hot and heavy regarding a certain type of sexy red cake, this Top 5 list is definitely one of our best and funniest to date.




"Red" Is The Theme

Caleb Makes Fun Of Firemen

"Dum Dum Firemen"

"Fat Cops"

"Bless Their Hearts"

A Fire Too Close To Home

Get Off My Lawn!!

"Top 5 Favorite Red Things"

Was Snoopy A Nazi?

Sexy Cake

A "Fiery Love" From The Past

The "Real Woman" Of Fruits

Double "Reds"

Rare AF

Badass Turtle


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