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HNP Episode 132 - Alita Battle Angel: A Three Front Review

August 7, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we start the show off with some hilarious off the cuff discussion of the 80’s hit show ThunderCats, and give our insight for the true reason for Mumm-Ras aggression towards the heroes. After catching our breath from all the laughter we jump right into our main topic, Alita: Battle Angel. The live action adaptation was released on DVD and we received a request to do a “Vudu Review”. Not only that, but we did our homework and read the original manga version and watched the 2-part anime adaptation, and we will be reviewing all three to see which version did the cyberpunk tale better.




Mumm-Ra Is Just Pissed He Got A Raw Deal

Bravestarr Was Weird

Alita Battle Angel Vudu Review

Manga VS Anime

Live Action



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