Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 143 - Halloween In November? Better Late Than Never

November 13, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, it’s been three weeks since our last episode and quite a bit has happened in that time. For starters, Halloween came and went and since we were MIA, we never got to do a Halloween episode. Since we love the holiday so much we said screw it, we are doing a Halloween episode in November. We start off with good old fashioned Caleb “puke story”, before getting into why his kids’ candy haul wasn’t as massive as years past. This leads to the answer to a 26 year long movie mystery that had bugged me since my youth. Finally we end the episode with a game of Halloween TV Episode Trivia.




It's Good To Be Back

Long Lost Brother

"Do You Have To Use The "F Word" So Much?"

Puke And Hemorrhoids Galore

Is My Face Sagging?

Caleb's Halloween Woes

26 Year Super Mario Bros. Movie Mystery Solved

Halloween TV Episode Trivia

How I Spent (Or Didn't Spend) My Halloween

Scary Movie Talk

Halloween Candy Talk


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