Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 149 - Come On Baby, Do The Magic Hand Thing

January 8, 2020


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, 2020 is here and we want to wish all our listeners a Happy New Year. We kick off our first episode of the new year with a bit of bathroom humor that goes right down the drain. After that Caleb brings up the fact that he recently learned to play Magic: The Gathering on his vacation and now can’t get enough. Finally to cap off the episode, we give our “spoiler review” of the last two season one episodes of “The Mandalorian”, as well as our thoughts on the current state of the “Star Wars Universe” and where we feel they can improve in the future. Our number one suggestion, “More Baby Yoda Please!”




Happy New Year

Jestons Questions And Comparisons

Diarrhea Free Dreams

Well....Maybe Not

Magic: The Gathering

Yu-Gi-Oh Memories

"The Mandalorian" Episodes 7 & 8 "Spoiler Review"

"Do The Magic Hand Thing Baby!"

It Ended With A Bang!!

"The State Of The "Star Wars Universe", And What's To Come

"Rise of Skywalker's" Failure

Baby Yoda Is The True "Chosen One"


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