Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 21 - The Great DuckTales Childhood Massacre of 2017

March 6, 2017

On episode 21 of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we discuss not watching the Logan movie on account of we are lazy bastards. We talk about our very awsome and funny appearance as guests on "The Rantcore Pit" podcast hosted by our new friends Cole and Eddie. On that episode we joked about wookies and had a great time. Discussion then shifts to how the new DuckTails reboot effectivley kidnapped and cold bloodedly murdered my inner child. Finally we talk about how the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie pissed away a truckload of Disney money because he's an idiot. Not that he needed it anyway.

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Our Twitter contest is overrun with suicidal Twitter bots

The Logan movie we didn't see

Our wookie themed "Rantcore Pit" appearance https://jedicole.podbean.com/ 

Caleb's insanely vague spur of the moment contest announcment

The disastrously bad DuckTales reboot trailer killing Chris' childhood and his quest to reclaim it.

Chris unsuccessful attempt to get his girlfriend to watch Batman TAS

Semi review of Justice League Dark and how Etrigan should join the CW Berlanti-verse

Jack-ing it like we used to!!

Pewdiepie is an antisemetic douchebag idiot with no Disney money in his wallet.


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