Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 30 - Ms. Austin & Her Gift That Keeps On Giving

June 13, 2017
On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast Caleb tells me how getting a cold sore nearly ruined his first ever trip to Disney World with this family. But
once he Campho Pheniqued that Herpes back to Hell where it came from, he was good to go and had great time. After that we delve into the amazing
Star Wars Rebels animated series. Caleb recently finished binging the series and he can't hold it in any longer. How can you be a fan and not watch
these shows religiously? Especially when they are this well-made? Finally we discuss whether or not we believe there is a "Grand Bible" that the
filmmakers at Disney have when it comes to these new Star Wars flicks or are they just making it all up as they go along from movie to movie.

Topics Caleb's Cold Sores (Eewwh Gross!!) Campho Phinique To The Rescue!! Caleb Was Nailing The Art Teacher Ms. Austin In Middle School (What A Faggot!!) Disney World, A World Of Pure Imagination The Lilo And Stitch Ride Fast Pass Is The Way To Go Star Wars Rebels Is The Shit!! The Star Wars Directors Are Making It Up As They Go Along (WTF!!) The Lego Star Wars Shows Do It Better

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