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HNP Episode 35 - Web Slinging For The Soul, or Can A Brother Get A Good Reboot?

July 19, 2017



In this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, I give my impressions after seeing Spider-Man Homecoming. Was i truely the "Coming Home" of the Marvel's crown jewel character that we have been eagerly waiting for? Has Ol' Web Head finally climbed his webs and escaped the pit of mediocrity he's been stuck in for over a decade? You will just have to listen for our answer.

On the subject of Spider-Man's new reboot, after the break, Caleb and I sit down for a long discussion and give our TOP 5 list of movies we would like to see be given a good reboot. We get to revisit some of the "classics" from our childhood and talk about them in depth and what we would change for the reboot. So sit back with your large popcorn and sugary beverage, cause its a long but good one.



The Constant Rain In Caleb's Neck Of The Woods

Noah's Arc Inexplicably Comes Up For Some Reason

Chris' Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Chris And Caleb's Top 5 Movies That Need A Good Reboot


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