Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 36 - Friday Night Twitter Fights or The Super Mario Woo-Off

July 26, 2017


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb gets into a Twitter war (as he tend to do) with a couple of random guys fighting over something trivial and uses the first segment to vent and tell me all about it. Next we touched upon some slight Comic Con stuffage including the newest trailer for WB's Justice League. Caleb was still in a firey tizzy at this point, so he let's the superhero team up movie have it and good. We dont spend too much time on Comic Con though as we plan to spend the majority of next week's episode dicussing most of the major news stories that broke during the con. 

After the break we suffer a laughing fit during a clip of a "Woo-Off" between the great Rick Flair and some other wrester. The obsurdity of it all was off the charts!! Finally after we somewhat regain our composure, I give my Top 5 "Movies that I Love That The Majoirty of Audiences Hate". Caleb and I have some pretty strong feelings over most of my picks and dicuss those with a passion never before seen by likes of mortal men. Afterwards we go over the top picks in this category as picked by our listeners who participated in our social media poll. WOO!!!



Caleb Loves To Get Into Fights On Twitter

Goku's Japanese Voice Actor Controversy

Justice League Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Caleb's Plan To Protest The Opening Of Justice League

Rick Flair's Hilariously Absurd Woo-Off!!

Chris' Top 5 "Movies I Love That Others Hate"

Social Media Honorable Mentions


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