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HNP Episode 37 - Twitter Kombat Round 2 or the Comic Con Cognizance

August 6, 2017


[EDIT] As some of you may have noticed, this episode was originally released on 8/02/17, but was taken by us because of a complaint about the topic we were discussing. We have since re edited the episode and "bleeped" out all names, places, websites, and twitter handles of those discussed as best we could to try and keep the integrity of the show intact for all of our listeners. It may make the story a bit hard to follow, but what can you do, right?   -Chris

On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, it's Round 2 of our Twitter Komat session. This time it's my turn to step in the virtual ring as a disgruntled husband of (REDACTED) who we had on as a guest a couple of months ago came out of the woodwork unexpectedly and tried to start some shit with us and another podcast she was a guest on as well. Him and I fought back and fourth for many hours. Blood was shed, our eyes had to be cut open, and our faces were swollen. Though when all was said and done (and believe me, a lot was said) it was your's truly who stood before his fallen adversary, arms raised high, teary eyed, as I let fouth a thunderous "ADRIAN!!" Seriously though, some guy wanted to start something and I had to put him back in his place and show others what a fat old douche he was. Come listen, you wont be disappointed. After the break, Caleb and I dicuss all the comic con reveals, trailers, news, and other happenings that we didn't get to cover in the last episode. What did we think of the Justice League, and Thor Ragnarok trailers? What other news has us squealing like little nerdy school girls? Listen to our discussion to find out.



Twitter War Round 2!!!

Real Life VS Ren And Stimpy

Young Justice Season 3 Comic Con Reveal

Justice League "Moustache-Gate"

Justice League Comic Con Trailer Reaction

DC Didn't Know Wonder Woman's Potential

Thor Ragnarok Comic Con Trailer Reaction

Michelle Pfeiffer Joins Ant-Man And The Wasp Cast

Ben Affleck Addresses "Quitting Batman" Rumours

How They Could Replace Batfleck

DC's Upcoming Film Slate

Captain Marvel Has Skrulls Up Her Wazoo!!!

Infinity War Talk

Stephen Amell Is A Great F*cking Guy!!!

We Are Getting Stickers!!!


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