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HNP Episode 39 - Do the Nigri Derp!!

August 16, 2017



On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we discuss a pretty big win on our part. By sheer accident we were able to nab an exclusive interview with a pair of guys who are currently producing a "tell all" documentary about the Ren and Stimpy show called "Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren And Stimpy Story. This documentary shares interviews with the artists, creators, and people of the fandom and wraps it all up in a delicious burrito-like package. We will have them on the show on 8/26/17, so get ready. It's going to be really fun.

Interestingly enough, we also have a Ren and Stimpy announcement to make. Caleb and I will be producing a series of "bonus episodes" for the show. This bonus content will include audio commentary for some of your favorite 90's cartoons. The first in this series will be commentary on the little known Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. This series of episodes were heavily criticized for being overtly disgusting and adult themed. It was canceled by Spike TV early before all the episodes were aired and we are going to cover them all. In addition to the commentary for each episode, we will be giving an in depth break down of each episode as well as words from the show's creator John K. before each episode describing why these are the way they are. 

The first bonus episode in this series will be released for free, the second episode will be released after we get 10 reviews on ITunes. The third after we hit 20, the fourth after we get 30 and so on and so on. We really encourage fans of the show to go to ITunes and write a review for our show (good or bad) as we feel these bonus episodes will be a really special look back at these crazy Ren and Stimpy episodes. These bonus episodes are definitely made by fans for fans.

After the break things get a little crazy as Caleb asks me why I don't like Instagram model Jessica Nigri anymore. It has nothing to do with her personality or her looks (believe me it has absolutley nothing to do with her looks!) It all boils down to two simple words.........DERP FACE. That's right, I cannot stand her constant need to ruin her sexy photos and videos by making a Derp face at the end. It totally takes me out of the "moment". LOL. I then can't believe my ears when Caleb retorts with the fact that he loves the derp face and wants more!!. Come listen as we debate (and laugh) the Derp face and why or why not it has a place in this setting?

This brings us to our final topic of the episode, internet fame and the lengths people will go to to achieve it. We go over a few recent stories of people who have set out to become "internet famous" only to achieve it, but for the wrong reasons.

Next week I will be at an anime convention and will not be present on next weeks show. Caleb on the other hand will be going at it solo and will be giving an indepth overview of the Stephen King horror classic "IT". From the book, to the original movie, to the soon to be released remake. Come join this Horror Super Fan as he breaks down each one and discusses what it did for the genre and what it meant to him. He's doing some real homework for this one folks. So it will be a good one.



Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren And Stimpy Story Documentary

We Will Have The Director And Producer On Our Show In Two Weeks!!!

Ren And Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon Bonus Episodes Are Coming!!!

Please Leave Us ITunes Reviews

Jessica Nigri's Derp Face!!

Chris Hates The Derp Face!!

Caleb Loves The Derp Face!!

What Lengths People Will Go To To Obtain Internet Fame

Caleb's Going Solo Next Week

Hopefully He Doesn't Screw It Up (No Pressure)


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