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HNP Episode 40 - BEEP! BEEP! Caleb!!!

August 26, 2017



So...Where to begin? First and foremost, if you don't like this episode that is fine BUT please come back for episode 41 because we're going to have some bad ass guest in the digital studio. We're going to have Happy Happy Joy Joy The Ren & Stimpy Story in our digital studio and we're going to talk about their Ren and Stimpy Documentary and ask this some questions about the most funny hilarious cartoon show from the 90's. So be sure to check that out EPISODE 41!!!! Ok now its time for this episode, so I'm going at it alone this week (Caleb). Chris was at Dallas Animefest the WHOLE weekend so on a spur of the moment decision I decided to take on a daunting task... This episode is pretty interesting, I did a lot of research on the topic at hand but what happens in this episode is I tangent crazy and derail on some wild stories of me growing up, being afraid of the dark, and letting my imagination get the best of me. All in all I had a really fun time but damn did I miss Chris. Call it what you want but mad RESPECT to the individuals that sit down and give infomation over and over and over. It takes a lot out of you mentially for sure. I mean some guys do a daily show that last for hours. So I'm thankfull that Chris sits with me and helps pull this show together. He is the WIZARD after all. 

Bob Grey or Pennywise the Dancing Clown or as most people know him/her? IT

So I'm really excited for the new movie coming out, it looks sooooooo gooooood. So in preperation for it, I dove head first into a rabbit hole of weird shit and horror. I did so much reasearch on Stephen Kings IT that I almost drove myself crazy (litterally) I kept seeing balloons bouncing around me while I'd work or be driving. I'd see red clown noses on people as I would have conversations with them. Still trying to get over this shit.

I definitely had a really fun time durring this discussion with myself. Its not perfect and it has its moments but all in all I had a lot of fun. Grab a drink and maybe listen to this in the dark (I recorded this in the dark, while drinking...f u n...t i m e s....) listen as I get scared, tell some spooky stories of the past and give out some dumb Pennywise inspersonations. We've got stickers now so make sure you like our social media pages and then send us your address and we'll get you a sticker in the mail. Still working out some details but right now thats the best way you can get one. 


Pennywise The Dancing Clown Introduction

Ren And Stimpy Documentary (Sooooo Pumped For This Interview. Episode 41 Baby!!!)

Chris Come Back!!! I Need You!!!

A Little Bit Of Batman (As Always)

Will The New "IT" Movie Follow The Book More Closely?

Caleb Has His Own Expierience With Pennywise...Research...Its A Hell Of A Drug

Blast From The Past, The Cemetary Photos Story 

Is Hypnosis Real?

Back To "IT"

Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise Is Juvenile Which Is Terrifying

Go See The Movie But More Importanly LISTEN TO EPISODE 41!!!!!


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