Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 49 - Crashed & Crazy or This Mind Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us

October 25, 2017


On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, a series of events have led Caleb to develop a psychosis of self doubt and madness. After a disastrous, crazy, and bad weekend, he quickly descends down a dark mental spiral where his past comes back to haunt him. There he relives all this shortcomings in life as a shroud of self loathing envelops his weakened mind. Thank goodness this podcast helps him as form of therapy as he tries to claw his way back to the top and out of his funk and work out his issues to figure out how to make himself better. A little laughter with a good friend can go a long way to making yourself feel normal again.



Question McQuesterson tells The Truth

Caleb Thinks He's A Big Ol' Piece Of Shit

He's Going Crazy

The Crash

Past Collisions

Don't Stop Believing

A Little Joy In A Sad World

Things Get A Little Weird

Caleb Wants To Make Some Changes In His Life

Chasing That Creative Dragon

Scratching That Itch

Podcasting Therapy

Chris Is A Lazy Bastard

Caleb Wants More


Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon Bonus Episodes

Caleb and I are currently preppring for our first "Bonus" episode detailing the history as well as audio commentary of the short lived and hugely divisive series featuring our favorite psychotic chihuahua and dimwitted cat, The Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. We will be releasing the first episode for free soon. The next episode containing more history as well as commentary on the next episode in the series will be released as soon as we hit 10 Reviews on ITunes. Additional episodes after that will be released at 10 review intervals until we complete the animated series. We are really looking forward to these bonus episodes. We have done our homework and have compiled a treasure trove of backstory and history on creator John Kricfalusi including introductions for each episode from John K. himself.


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