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HNP Episode 64 - Nintendo 64 Nostalgia: Get “N” or Get Out

February 14, 2018


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, it’s our 64th episode, and we wanted to do something fun to concide with this number. We’ve decided to spend the entire episode talking about something that robbed us of many a weekend when we were kids. That something my friends was the Nintendo 64 video game console. This crazy piece of 90’s tech hardware had a “Kung Fu Grip” on our childhood lives during its lifespan, and we wanted to look back at our fond memories of one of Nintendo’s masterpieces and the effect it had on us. This is our “Top 5” N64 videogames list.



Chris #5 - Goldeneye 64

Caleb #5 - Goldeneye 64

Chris #4 - Pokemon Snap

Caleb #4 - Mario Party

Chris #3 - Super Smash Bros.

Caleb #3 - Star Fox 64

Chris #2 - Super Mario 64

Caleb #2 - Harvest Moon

Chris #1 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Caleb #1 - Super Smash Bros.


Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon Bonus Episodes

Caleb and I are currently preppring for our next "Bonus" episode detailing the history as well as audio commentary of the short lived and hugely divisive series featuring our favorite psychotic chihuahua and dimwitted cat, The Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. This next episode containing more history as well as commentary on the next episode in the series will be released as soon as we hit 10 Reviews on ITunes. Additional episodes after that will be released at 10 review intervals until we complete the animated series. We are really looking forward to these bonus episodes. We have done our homework and have compiled a treasure trove of backstory and history on creator John Kricfalusi including introductions for each episode from John K. himself.


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