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HNP Episode 91 - 90’s Cartoons: You Can’t Beat ‘Em

September 5, 2018


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we are celebrating reaching Episode 91 by celebrating the 90’s. This week we are looking back at one of our favorite things we grew up with from the 90’s, our “Top 10 Favorite 90’s Cartoons”. We are crazy huge cartoon junkies and had a insatiable appetite for all the 90’s classics. These shows set the bar incredibly high for everything that has come since, and unfortunatey in most cases, none since have meaured up in comparision. From The Tick, to Anamaniacs, to Tiny Toon Adventures, to an underrated gem like Aeon Flux, we cover all the greats.



The Real Gross Truth Of Yoohoo

"Top 10 Favorite 90's Cartoons"



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