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HNP Episode 99 - The Timeline Terrorists And The Doomed Patrol

November 7, 2018


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, this is the final episode before our big “Episode 100 Pizza Party Extravaganza”, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Though with planning this party, Thanksgiving, and three anime conventions, November is shaping up to be a crazy busy month. But today we’ve got our “DC Dick Down” segment we missed last week, and we’ve got even more to discuss. Whether it’s the fact we hope Oliver Queen stays in prison forever, to Barry Allen’s time traveling antics, to our first glimpse of the Doom Patrol, rest assured there is never a dull moment.




Episode 100 Is Right Around The Corner

And We're Crazy Busy Preparing For It

Three Anime Conventions In One Month?! Am I Crazy?

I Am Crazy......For "My Hero Academia"

Mine And Caleb's Different Philosophies Regarding Books

My Worst Anime Convention Nightmare

The DC Dick Down

Arrow Season 07, Episodes 02 And 03

We Demand A Life Sentence For Oliver Queen

The Flash Season 05, Episode 02 And 03

Barry Allen: The Timeline Terrorist

Titans Season 01, Episode 03 And 04

The "Doomed" Patrol

Mutants....Eewwhh Gross!!

Final Thoughts


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