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HNP Episode 26 - Holy Wutchi Hatchi, Dingle Bangles, & Wawas

May 19, 2017

In this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb gives the low down on his new "favorite beach spot" location he took his family to recently. This place literally had it all; warm white sands, crystal clear water, and all the garbage and riff raff anyone could ever want or need. 

Next trip coming down the Caleb family pipeline? Star Wars Day at Lego Land!!! His kids have never been and he's only been once as a VIP when the park first opened, so he decided to take them soon and experience first hand the "Biggest Lego Themed Star Wars Party on Earth!"

Next up in our "random tangent of the week", we talk about gas station convenience stores for some reason and the weird named ones Caleb has out in this area. I mean "Wawas" are you kidding me? What kind of name is that? Who comes up with these things?

After the break we discuss how the loss of Carrie Fisher will inevitably affect Episode 9 as it was revealed that the upcoming Episode 8 (The Last Jedi) will be her last appearance. We go over the many possible scenarios on how they could end her story in a classy way and none of them feel right to us. We definitley do not envy that group of writers.

Finaly for the last hour of the show we go over a myriad of "news" topics. From Josh Brolin being cast as the time traveling mutant Cable, to DC's new steaming service being announced. It was a busy show indeed.



Wutchi Hatchi Island

Caleb's VIP Lego Land Experience

Lego Land VS Disney World......No Contest

Future Lego Land Visit With His Whole Family

Wawas? WTF Is That?

Princess Leia, How Does One Say Goodbye?

Was Josh Brolin The Right Choice For Deadpool's Cable?

NBC's Powerless Was Canceled.....Who Cares

Fox's Gotham Final S3 episodes......Batman is that you?

DC's New Upcoming Streaming Service

Animated Cybrog VS Live Action Cyborg......No Contest


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