Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 117 - Just Say The Word, Jive Turkey!!

April 17, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, Caleb is in the driver’s seat solo for the first half of the episode, but joining him riding shotgun, is 20+ year Navy veteran and popular Twitch streamer, Jive Turkey. Mr. Turkey has dropped by the digital studio to chat about streaming on for a living, while also sharing some pretty cool stories from his time as a submariner in the Navy. After the break I return and speculation runs wild while we break down the trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. Finally to cap off the episode we discuss in depth and give our review of DC’s twinkling little star of light in a void of dark films, “Shazam!”




Jive Turkey Interview

Streaming For A Living

Cool Submarine Stories

"Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker" Trailer Breakdown And Discussion

Do We Care At This Point?

"Shazam" Movie Review And Discussion

Captain Hammered


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