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HNP Episode 124 - Werewolves, Unicorns, and Thomas Clemmons

June 8, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, while I’m at work putting in some mad overtime, Caleb is holding down the fort with the help of our good friend and content creator brother in arms, Thomas Clemmons of the web comic series Robot Friday. Thomas has stopped by the digital studio to talk with Caleb about many subjects, but the meat of this episode is centered around the Kickstarter comic book anthology project that he and 27 other creators have poured their blood, sweat, and ink into. The book is called, “Werewolves & Unicorns - A Comic Book Anthology”, and from the early look we got, this looks like an absolute winner.




YouTube Demonetization 

Equilibrium The Nightmare

James Gunn And Troma

Thee 100's 

21 Days Creates A Habit

100 Days Will Shock You

Voicemail From Chris 

Perspective Of Having A Following 

Should You "Work For Free"

"Your Net Worth Is Determined By Your Network"


Steve Jobs

Walt Disney

A Little Bit Of Pikachu 

Be Your Own Creator And Chase After Your Dreams





Werewolves & Unicorns - A Comic Book Anthology 

Kickstarter page


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