Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 135 - Backward and Forward

August 28, 2019


On this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, after a few “downer” episodes from the past few weeks, we needed a palate cleanser, so Caleb came up with a pretty challenging game for me to play. After that we review the current in progress manga story arc of “Dragon Ball Super”, and I must say, it feels pretty damn good to review something good for a change. Lastly we delve into all the new stuff heading our way that was announced at the D23 Expo this past weekend as well as talk about the Sony/Disney Spider-Man split and no matter how much it pains to say but this may be just what Spidey needs to make the character truly great again.




Back"Words" Game

"Dragon Ball Super" Moro Arc Review

D23 Expo

Mandalorian Trailer

!G-88 And Taika Watiti

Bounty Hunters

Black Knight......I Don't Want It!!

New Disney Plus Shows

RIP MCU Spider-Man

It May Be For The Best Though

Marvel Team-Ups

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Ideas

More Spider-Man


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