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HNP Episode 29 - Blue M&Ms & The Assassination of Jason David Frank

May 29, 2017

Episode_29.jpgOn this strange episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, through an odd rabbit hole tangent we came across the fact that the day we were recording happened to be the 19th anniversary of comedian Phil Hatman's death. We are still feeling the hurt from this one and we spend the first segment thinking back at what an amazing comedic genius he was and then discuss the odd rumor that Andy Dick somehow played a part in his famous murder. After the break things get even more wierd as we cover the apparent assassination attemp of legendary Power Rangers veteran Jason David Frank at the Pheonix Comic Con a few days ago. This leads into a semi seroius discussion about the security at these conventions and how this event might change how these cons are run in the future. We end the show with a "Caleb's Comicbook Rant of the Week". He just can't get onboard these comic book movies and TV shows. We can only hope Aquaman is a cinematic masterpiece so then maybe he can be swayed back toward the light.



M&M Voice Actors Revealed

Phil Hartman Was Ehe Blue M&M....Mind Blown

RIP Phil Hartman

Andy Dick Is........Well A Dick

The Assassination Attemp On JDF

Convention Security In The Future

The Many Guests Of The Famous Monster Convention In Dallas

Caleb Hates The Marvel Netflix Universe....Except DareDevil....What Else Is New?

Son Of Satan And The God Squad!!!

Caleb's Weekly DC Comics Rant....Geez This Is Getting Old


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