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HNP Episode 31 - The Tale of the Two Headed Cow Ghost!!!

June 20, 2017


In this episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, I kick off the show by giving my spoiler (lite) review of Wonder Woman. We have been ragging on DC for a while now for their odd inability to craft a decent movie latley. Does this one finally break the mold and rise to greatness, or is it another peice of trash to be thrown into the burning DCU wastebasket?

After the break Caleb tells the spooky story of his near fatal encounter with a legendary spectral bovine and other supernatural encounters from his youth. Submitted for your approval of the Midnight Society we call the story...... "The Tale of the Two Headed Cow Ghost"

Finally on a sad note we lost the great Adam West this past week. Mr. West had a profound influence on our childhoods and essintially introduced us to the concept of "Superheroes", a topic which still dominates so much of our lives to this day. We talk about the times we were lucky enough to meet both Adam West and Burt Ward, and how their campy little show about two men in colorful spandex suits fighting crime molded us into the nerdy men we are today. We will miss you dearly Batman.



Chris' Wonder Woman Review

The Tale Of The Cow Ghost!!

The Errie Back Room Of The Music Venue

The Basket Ball From Hell!!

Adam West And Batman '66 Tribute


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