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HNP Episode 32 - The Pampa Music Venue or That One Time Caleb Was Actually Cool

June 24, 2017


On this nostalgic episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, we take a stroll down memory lane as we look back at what use to make us laugh as kids. Usually it was something pretty stupid, but most of it still holds up today. Strangely this leads us down a past were we discuss the "Mandela Effect", a strange occurance where what you remember about something sometimes turns out not to be true. I swear to God C3P0 never had a silver leg before!!

After the break Caleb continues with his nostalgic look back at the one time he opened a music venue in our hometown and crazilly enough actually got some big name bands to headline his shows!! I wish I could have been there with him at the time to experience it myself, but the way he describes his time as a small town Punk Rock/Metal music "mogul", I feel like I was actually there. Unfortunaley it didnt have a happy ending and it all came crashing down before his eyes. fortunately though he was able to walk away from it and start his life on a new path filled with new friends, family, and best of all podcasting this show!!



Caleb's Father's Day Food Binge

The Dumbest Stuff Used To Make Us Laugh As Kids (Most Of It Still Does!)

The Mandela Effect

Sinbad Was The Best

Caleb Wants To Play With The Other Podcasters

The Russ Martin Radio Show

That Ace Ventura 2 "Rhino" Scene Though. (See, We Laugh At The Dumbest Shit!)

Caleb Owned A Music Venue at 17 Year Old!!

The Good And The Bad That Came Along With Owning A Music Venue At 17 Years Old


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