Holy Nerdy Podcast

HNP Episode 34 - A Couple Of Damn Nerds or How NOT To Day Drink

July 15, 2017



On this extra nerdy episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast, we finish up our discussion from the previous episode regarding the doom ridden Han Solo movie. I'm sorry, but we just cant get behind this movie at all. The conversation then switches to what Caleb thought of the first "real" story arc of Dragon Ball Super.(I told you....extra nerdy) 

After the break, (and a couple of days later) we come back and discuss what we did over the Fourth of July break with our families. Caleb, (bless his heart) just cant stop day drinking and it keep coming back to haunt him (At other people's houses). When will he ever learn? (Probably never!)

Finally we talk about those ungrateful podcasting bastards who complain that they feel they aren't growing enough with their paltry 1500 downloads a month. 1500 DOWNLOADS A MONTH!!! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME!!! I would gladly take the place of Caleb's toilet after a long day of day drinking for those kind of numbers!!



The Han Solo Movie (Hard Face Palm)

Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 VS 7 Discussion

4th Of July Activities (Some Of Them Were Messier Than Others!)

Ungrateful Successful Podcasters Make Us Sick


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