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HNP Episode 38 - DomiYES, DomiNO, DomiHELLNO!!!

August 9, 2017


On this episode of The Holy Nerdy Podcast can you believe we are still talking about Comic Con? Yeah, the same Comic Con that ended amost three weeks ago. There is just so much to discuss for just one or two episodes. So here is our third and final Comic Con discussion episode. But Not Before we get into the dotless, not so white elephant in the room. Yes we are talking about the recently released first look at the character of Domino from the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. We were surprised and disappointed(to say the least) when we saw these images. The first Deadpool movie did such a great job at giving us "comic accurate" versions of Deadpool and especially Collosus. We were expecting them to knock it out of the park with Domino. To say we were underwelmed would be a enormous understatment. Come listen to our long rant as we discuss why we feel the filmakers are making a huge mistake with the beloved female character.

After the break we get back into more Comic Con news as Caleb reads me a list of things "you may not have heard from Comic Con." We dont get far though because into the first off the list, we get derailled and go off on a tangent. (A similar topic tangent, but a tangent none the less.) Finally we finish up the list and the episode.



There Is A "Little" Hidden Secret In The Frames Of The Beloved Animated Movie "Fievel Goes West"

Why We Had To "Temporarily" Remove Episode 28 And 37. They Will Be Return, Trust Us.

New Intro Talk

Chef Salty Biscuits Teches Us Some Words That Sound Dirty, But Really Arent

Salty Biscuits Still Hates Aquaman

Domino............That's Not Real.............It Is?...............Really?..............WTF!!!

Nickelodeon Has A Subscription Box That Centers Around Nicktoons!!

What Classifies As A "Nicktoon"...........In Our Eyes

A Brief Rundown of Every Toon That Nickelodeon Classifies As "Nicktoons"

Chris Hardwick....This Is Your Life!!

Exclusive Comic Book Sales From Comic Con

Aliens And Predators Are Still Activley In The Same Film Universe

Want Some Candy?!

Conterfeit Hall H Wristbands And How To Get Into Cons For Free

Stupid "Line Sheep" At Cons


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