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HNP Episode 41 - Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story

August 30, 2017



On this super exciting episode of the Holy Nerdy Podcast, this is it folks. This is what you, we, everybody has been waiting for. Joining us in our digital studio have two special guests who are crafting something near and dear to mine and Caleb's hearts. Ron Cicero and Kimo Easterwood are two filmakers who are neck deep in the editing process on their upcoming documentary, "Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! The Ren & Stimpy Story. They were kind enough to come on our show and talk about their journey in making this film, which covers the inception, life, death, and legacy of this highly beloved and influential 90's kids cartoon. In case the fact hasn't been made very clear up until now, Caleb and I have been lifelong fans of Ren and Stimpy since it aired on Nickelodeon 26 years ago way back in 1991. Needless to say, the opportunity to speak with these two guys about this show (which we love so much) has been a literal dream come true. This film will be heading to IndieGoGo in about two weeks (9/12/2017). So if you are a die hard fan of the show as we are, or even a casual fan, or even if you are interested in learning about the life of one of the most influential cartoons in the history of animation, we urge you to check out their campaign and back it if you are able.


Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! The Ren & Stimpy Documentary Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/renandstimpydoc/

Sign Up Page: http://ladiesandgentlemeninc.com/renandstimpydoc/


After the break we come back and I cover my time at AnimeFest 2017. This is in my opinion one of the best anime conventions I have ever attended and I got to see tons of official and cool fan made works, watch some very interesting panels about the creators in the industry, as well as meet some of the greatest animators, scriptwriters, musicians, and voice actors in the business. I had a very fun time and can't wait until it comes around again next year.

Caleb and I are currently preppring for our first "Bonus" episode detailing the history as well as audio commentary of the short lived and hugely divisive series featuring our favorite psychotic chihuahua and dimwitted cat, The Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. We will be releasing the first episode for free soon. The next episode containing more history as well as commentary on the next episode in the series will be released as soon as we hit 10 Reviews on ITunes. Additional episodes after that will be released at 10 review intervals until we complete the animated series. We are really looking forward to these bonus episodes. We have done our homework and have compiled a treasure trove of backstory and history on creator John Kricfalusi including introductions for each episode from John K. himself.



Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! The Ren & Stimpy Story

Interview with Ron Ciceros and Kimo Easterwood

IndieGoGo Campaign Will Go Live On 9/12/2017

AnimeFest 2017 Experience

Akward Anime Guest Moments

I Got To Meet Atsuko Tanaka Studio Ghibli Veteran Animator!!

Yuri On Ice!? WTF Is This? Why The Hell Are Fans Going Crazy Over It?

Yuri On Ice Redneck Review

OneKAway Promos & Shoutout

The Dragon Ball Panel Was HUGE!!!

Furry Boners!!!

Old School Dragon Ball Memories

Anime Fan Art And Artists

ITunes Reviews = More Bonus Episodes


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